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Better: Not Perfect
Soul Care  Workbook

Chapter 1: A Hot Mess

Lessons From My Heart To Yours

  1. My way is not always the best way. It’s okay to have a plan, and it’s not ok to self-destruct or destroy others if that plan doesn’t unfold the way that I planned it.

  2. When people who have proven that they love you, tell you that you are changing, and not for the better, believe them and seek help sooner rather than later. Continue to do it your way and you may lose another decade.

  3. Love, career and other parts of my plan didn’t come together when I was “perfect”, they came when I was ready. Things improved when I became HONEST, about who I really was, the good and the troubled parts of my life, OPEN to see things in a different way or get the help that I needed and WILLING, to take action and do something different in order to receive different results.

A Look Inside Your Heart Journal Activity

  1. How did this chapter speak to you? Where did you relate? See yourself?

A Look Inside Your Head: Getting Clear Exercise

Let’s take a look at your patterns: Conduct a self-inventory by reviewing your texts, blogs, journals, emails, posts, anything that you have written over the past year. What do you see? What patterns appear? Are there patterns of criticism or of praise? Are you showing up as a victim or victoriously? What are the common themes? Count and categorize them or just review them and note where you see too much of one negative pattern and not enough of a positive pattern. For example;

  1. # of posts praising or celebrating me: ______

  2. # of post praising or celebrating other people: ______

  3. # of post criticizing or pointing out a flaw in myself _____

  4. # of post criticizing or pointing out flaws in others _____

  5. # of general happy/positive experience posts _____

  6. # of general critiques or negative comment posts _____

What did your inventory tell you about where you are and what energy you are giving off in the public realm right now? What is your head telling you about the condition of your heart?

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