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The Happy Couple.JPG

Power Couple PodcastReturning in 2023

In 2019 and 2020, My husband, Dr. Odo Butler and I created a few podcast episodes that focused on the power of love in marriage and relationships. We still hear from others today about how impactful these "chats" between us were and how they would like to hear more. We will be bringing the podcast back in 2023, but in the meantime, enjoy some of the past episodes. 


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Love Is Power & We Have Plenty To Share

Dr. Shai takes a holistic approach to life and believes in the power of love and relationships to counter balance life as a professional. She and her husband, Dr. Odo Butler are the creators of the "Power Couple Podcast" where they espouse the Power of Love. Here are some of their earlier episodes, and while the Power Couple is on podcast hiatus, there are many more episodes that you can find on Sound Cloud, so they invite you to enter their "nest" for "real talk" on faith, love, and family.


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