Who I Am

My background informs who I am as a writer, speaker, professional, mentor and my most important roles, wife and mom.  Overcoming adversity to succeed in life is not uncommon. Living life authentically and transparently while loving yourself and others is much harder to come by. As a teen mom who failed out of college and later went on to survive many other difficulties in life, I am part of a sub population who defines themselves as survivors. In this now phase of life, where it's a new kind of struggle, I take those same principles and life lessons that helped me successfully raise the child of my youth, later marry and have more children, earn a doctorate in law and policy, become a Vice President and launch a writing career that has me considered as an emerging voice in higher education, and share them with you.

In sum, the secret sauce is found in ENCOURAGEMENT in the face of failure, adversity and shame. Encouraging yourself and others to be the very best and Real YOU, that you can be, at work, school, home or wherever life leads.

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