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Authored by Dr. Shai 

 Dr. Shai L. Butler is the Vice President for Advancement & External Affairs at Springfield Technical Community College in Springfield, MA. Dr. Shai, (as she is affectionately called by her students) was educated at the University at Albany/State University of New York where she earned both bachelor's and master’s degrees, and at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where she earned a doctorate in Law & Policy. She has been progressively employed as a leader in higher education management for over two decades in sectors that range from state universities, private institutions and community colleges. Dr. Shai’s background informs who she is as a writer, blogger, speaker, professional coach, and mentor. A Brooklyn native and long time resident of New York’s Capital Region she speaks openly about overcoming adversity to succeed in life. As a teen mom who failed out of college and later went on to survive many other difficulties, she is part of a subpopulation of individuals who define themselves as survivors and thrivers. Dr. Shai travels the nation inspiring others, as she moves audiences “from pep talks to prep talks” and consults on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Leadership, and Career Advancement in Higher Education. She will be releasing her inspirational memoir titled “Better: Not Perfect” in 2023.​To find the most current articles visit Advice & News - HigherEdJobs


The What of It All: Understanding Words and Meanings in Fighting the Nation’s Pandemic of Racism by Dr. Shai L. Butler July 16, 2020In addition to a COVID-19 global pandemic, there's another public health crisis that we are facing -- the crisis of racism in the United States of America. Like COVID-19, it has its own language that is important to understand. Dr. Shai L. Butler offers a primer on the terms used in the language of racial and social justice, including "diversity," "inclusion," "equality," and "equity." "If we plan to eradicate a pandemic," Butler says, "we must accurately understand what we are fighting and appreciate its distinct definitions." Click here to read more ​


Positioning Yourself for Your Next Job in Academia by Dr. Shai L. Butler February 13, 2020​Positioning is an important part of creating a path to upward career mobility in higher education. If your goal is to advance, it’s important to have a plan that will help position you for success. After twenty-three years in higher education, Dr. Shai L. Butler is sharing three truths she has learned from her mentors, mentees, and her own experiences with search committees. These pieces of advice can help you play a winning hand and land the job. Click here to read more

A New Generation of Failures: Let’s Show Them How It’s Doneby Dr. Shai L. ButlerSeptember 3, 2019​Experts, like Dr. Shai L. Butler, have often observed a heightened fear of professional failure among millennials. In fact, Butler says this fear extends beyond failing on the job to failure in an entrepreneurial venture, career change, job search, and professional and personal relationships. So, how can we help a generation that for the most part has been affirmed, supported, rewarded for winning, and applauded when they lose? What's the key to failing forward? Click here to read more

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