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One Of A Kind

YOU are an original. Never in the history of human kind has there ever been a “YOU” before and there never will be another YOU again. All who know you, may not realize that they are witnessing the miracle of YOU. Because they may not realize it, doesn’t make it less true. Don’t spend your life trying to be anything other than YOU. Why be a cheap copy when you are a designer’s original? Inside YOU, are solutions, cures, works of art, lessons taught, songs unsung, movies to be made, books to author, stocks to trade, houses to sell, sermons to preach, crafts to make, and the list goes on. Don’t lessen your shine. Don’t hide your gift to make others around you feel secure. You are not responsible for their insecurities. You must be a good steward and care taker of the talents the creator has endowed in YOU. Pray for the haters, because it’s been said and I know it to be true, “hurt people, hurt people”. Don’t be angry with them, pity them, pray for them, help them if they will allow it, leave them with a blessing, if they don’t. The point is, don’t do a washed out, low key, diminished version of YOU to fi

t in so that others feel better about themselves. They too are miracles, and they too have gifts. In due time, they may realize it, but that’s no business of yours. Mind YOUR business and your business is to shine and be the blessing that you have been gifted to be. Encourage others always, through words and actions. The best way to do that is to live authentically and unapologetically. Watching YOU operate in YOUR gift is beauty unrestrained.

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This is beautiful. I really needed to hear this message today. Thank you for sharing.

Gefällt mir
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