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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Do you feel that tightness in your chest? Maybe it is due to a looming sense of dread when you think about a certain challenge, event, meeting or conversation that lies ahead. You have been thinking about it so much that it’s safe to say that it has consumed more of your waking moments than thoughts of positivity, relaxation or joy. You have overthought it, and each time you replay it in your mind, there’s only one constant, and that is, it ends badly. Does this sound familiar? If so, STOP-PAUSE-BREATHE. Seriously, right now, take a moment, and grab a big gulp of air, then release it slowly.

Did you hear yourself? Did you hear that sound? That’s a gift. That gift is an assurance that you are alive. That breath is a promise of life. As long as you own that gift, you own all of the possibilities that life can bestow. The possibility of love, of peace, of joy, of life without fear, dread and tightening chests.

Promises and possibilities are all informed by your perspective and outlook---hence the importance of breathing. I can’t think if I can’t breathe. Literally, not enough air is getting to my brain cells. Figuratively, breathing helps me stay centered and shifts my attention off of the chaos and onto the things that I can control….my thoughts.

Never abdicate your throne or your thoughts. They both belong to you so when some usurper comes along to take your symbolic thrown or your very real thoughts, remind them of that fact. They cannot take away your self-respect (thrown) nor can they take ownership of your mind (thoughts). If you gave either over in the past, then it’s time to take them back. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Here’s the wow moment—Don’t give it. This whole notion of consent, means that you have control. Giving my consent means giving over my control and allowing you to do something that I have agreed that it is okay for you to do. The fear of being made to feel inferior, small, unworthy, etc. is what typically drives the dread, fear and anxiety.

Today, let’s decide to not give consent. So what then are we doing today? We are doing what we are empowered to do. We are going to

Survive till we thrive

Breathe till we are at ease

Hang in until we win.

If we do these 3 things, we can be mentally and emotionally ready for the promises and the possibilities that come with breath and with life. So go ahead and loosen up those chest muscles, inhale, exhale, turn off the news, turn on that song that makes you smile, do that dance that lifts your spirits, call that friend who makes you laugh and do that thing that you were created to do today….LIVE.

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