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Grace + Mercy: Positioning to Propel

Did you wake up this morning? Good, that means there’s something left for you to do on this earth. If you are reading this blog right now, you are helping me prove my point. I don’t believe in accidents. I believe in ordered steps, choices, actions, destiny and above all, grace.

I’ve heard it said that grace is unmerited favor and mercy is me not getting what I deserve. Grace is needed because I won’t always get it right but will seek forgiveness, in spite of. Grace is needed for me because I won’t always extend it when I should, to others. Grace is needed because I will take a wrong turn, say the wrong thing, think negatively, speak too fast, act to slow, but in spite of it all, it will be grace that puts me back on track when I stray too far, for too long.

Grace will give me the courage to believe in myself because I must believe in me. I have to believe that I am a person with a purpose. I need to know that when life is hardest, my most important task is to endure until I, or my situation evolves. In those tough times, I have to persist through the pain, serve through the stress, and hang onto hope. If I have to go through it, then at least I will grow through it.

A new day is coming and you want to be there for it when it arrives, fully functioning, fully open and fully ready to embrace the future. It’s not enough to show up, you want to be expectant. You want to know that there’s something in this day that is just for you, prescribed by the Creator to teach you, touch you, test you, try you, all with the goal to take you triumphantly to the next level.

Ask for grace today, and in the midst of trials, you might even be blessed with mercy.

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