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Dreams Don't Die...They Evolve

The law of evolution that I believe and embrace is that of evolving dreams. As we evolve, learn more, face and overcome challenges, our perspective on life changes. There was a time that you dreamed of achieving a particular thing, like a profession, title, personal or relationship status; then life happened and it seemed that you, God and the universe weren’t on the same page about your dreams. Well today I am here to tell you that if you are reading this, clearly life hasn’t ended and your dreams haven’t died.

As we change, our dreams evolve. Sometimes, we learn that we dreamt too small. Other times we learn that our dreams no longer fit the lives we have created for ourselves. Let me ask, are you committed to something that no longer fits who you have become? Are you open to the evolution of your dream and the knowledge that in its maturity that dream can undergo a metamorphosis into a vision, reshaped to match not only who you are now, but who you are destined to become?

This is an important question to ask yourself and really think through because it affects your outlook on life. If you stay committed to anything that is not working in your interest, then you are destined to keep trying to make something work that wasn’t meant to work, and when it falls apart you end up considering yourself a failure. Don’t believe it. You are not a failure, you are in a process and as a part of that process you and everything you have embraced will change and evolve, including your dreams.

This fact does not mean you are fickle. It does not mean that you don’t know your own mind. Instead, it means that you have an open, mind, heart, and spirit ready to embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Choose to see the hopefulness and discard the hopelessness. Seek to embrace the understanding that your dreams have not died, they live as you live, in a state of perpetual growth, change and metamorphosis. Trust that at different points in life you will look back and understand why that particular dream was not for that particular time. Have faith that what is supposed to happen, will happen, and when you are feeling overwhelmed remember that old saying; “How do you eat an elephant?.....One bite at a time”.

Go forward, one step at a time and when you least expect it, you will look up and look back, and say, wow, life is so much better than I dreamed it to be. So whether you are eight or eighty-eight, take a breath, take a bite and enjoy the ride because it’s not over, and the fact that it hasn’t ended, means that there’s so much more to come!

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