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Don't Fear The Storm...Fear the Port

You are a solution to a problem. You are an answer to a question. You are a miracle waiting for a place to happen. When you are living authentically and showing up in your best self, you are positioned for purpose, designed for destiny, and ready to live life without limits. Sometimes it is in life’s most challenging moments that you wake up, and take up the charge to seek, select, and set new goals. Sometimes it is in the storms of life that you are reminded that there’s some place for you to be, and something left for you to do.

When trouble comes, hunker down for the storm and know that the winds of life rise for everyone. Thunder rolls and waves may come crashing onto the shore that once was a place of solace. Sometimes storms come because it’s time to leave the safety of the port where you have dropped anchor. Perhaps you wouldn’t go if weather conditions were placid. Sometimes, it’s not the storms that drive you, but your own need to sail out with a spirit of adventure and an intuition that there’s something out there, better for you then what you have here. That place may not be clearly defined but you know it exists. By launching out you are making a declaration that even if I sail off course, because I am out on the water, I can be guided and redirected. Docked in port, I may be safe but I am still, stuck, stagnant, and there is no need for REDIRECTION because I am going in NO DIRECTION.

No one is exempt to storms in life, but how you respond during and afterward will determine if you remain on course to reach your destination. Sometimes the destination is clear, other times its vague and intentionally hidden from you. My experience has been that God shows me things when HE thinks I am ready, not when I think I am ready. At this point in life, I have also learned that my trust is NOT in my navigational skills. My trust is in the belief that even if the storm lasts a while, eventually, there will be peace and it matters not the name of the ship or the condition of the vessel that brings me to my new destination. What matters is my trust that the Creator is responsible for getting me to my destination and has the power and ability to steer, when my strength is gone and my direction is unclear.

This gives me peace among the storm because the state of my emotions is not predicated on the external factors that might be tossing and turning the boat, or the me within the boat. My peace is predicated on my faith and strong belief in what I learned at grandma’s knee. Those old sayings, like “this too shall pass” and, “trouble don’t last always”, just to name a few. Then I am grounded once again and as I stand on the deck of my vessel and coast slowly into shore preparing to drop anchor in this new port, I am reminded from whence I come, the lessons learned, the sunshine, the rain and everything in between. I step off the boat, feet firmly planted on the pier and thank God and the Universe that once again, I have arrived.

The miracle, the answer, the solution has just come to town, so bring on the problem and let’s get to work solving the issues of life---together.

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