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Room to Grow

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Why is it that you believe you should be further along in life than where you are right now. You are overwhelmed trying to keep up with everyone that you believe are succeeding and moving forward quicker than you; your classmates, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. Give yourself the room that you need to grow, or as my mentor has said, "give time...time". Whether you are still exploring what you wish to do with the remaining years of your life or whether you know exactly what you want and things appear to be stagnant or slow. Whichever depicts where you are in life, know that working and waiting can happen simultaneously. Your big moment is coming, guaranteed. The question remains, what condition will you be in upon its arrival. While you are waiting, work, work on you, work for the things that matter to you, work on that degree, work on your credit score, whatever it is that needs working on, get right to it. It is through the act of work that you will learn more about yourself and about people. This is what will prepare you for future success. Take on one self renovation project at a time. Don't try to fix too many things at once; i.e., don't diet, fix your finances and apply for graduate school, all in one week's time. Remember, give time, time. Any other way and you will overwhelm yourself and stop everything. Baby steps on this one and remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. You win by enduring to the end. #runyourownrace

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