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When did you lose it? Do you remember the day? Where you were at? Who you were with or who just walked out? If you remember that day vividly and too often, then it means that you are stuck. You are in a place where hope once resided but has left. In other words, your hope is on hiatus. I have learned that in order for hope to return to me in the days of hopelessness that typically followed some cataclysmic event in my life, I have to be willing to shed some things? I have to be willing to loosen my vice-like grip on yesterday. Feel it, mourn it, learn from it and then busy myself living until the memories become less vivid and less often. Staying busy can help in the short term, at least until I figure out whether this is one of those moments that I might need to seek additional help from a therapist, mentor or a spiritual adviser. I have learned that there’s absolutely no shame in getting the help you need to restore the hope that you once had.

To be clear, hope restored is not the belief that what has left will one-day return. It is also not the wish that what occurred can magically be erased. It is the knowledge that something bad happened and you lived through it. It is the acceptance that yesterday is over and today reigns supreme. It reigns supreme because it’s all we have. Tomorrow is none of our business; plan for it, prepare for it but don’t live in it. Don’t give your best thinking and feeling time to the past or to the future. Hope restored means living in today and expecting a tomorrow that gives you back your power. Power to choose a new path forward, power to forgive the very thing/person you never thought you could, power to live the life you were designed and purposed to live, power to love and be loved. Go help somebody and get out of your own head. Go talk to somebody and share what’s in your head. Take back your head and prepare your heart for the joys that WILL come next. You are entering a new season. The hope hiatus has ended. A new day has dawned and the world awaits your awakening.

This Is Your Season...This Is Your Day

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